Happy endings or not?

I like movies. Big fan.

Latelly i have been going through some emotional issues. When I am in a place like that, I like watching movies. A good movie takes you on a journey with the main characters. They can even make you feel things you might not feel in your everyday life.

They can inspire.

Usually my go-to movie is Harry Potter. Just a really good story with great characters. For these moments, when i watched Harry Potter, I was a part of that magical world. These movies made me believe that everything is possible. This time i decided to watch movies i havent seen before. I watched 47 Ronin and Pompeii. Both movies had a sad ending.

This made me think. Most of the time our lives are a struggle. We go through our own issues. And sometimes we like to get away from these problems, even if it is just for these 90 minutes or more. If you end up watching a sad movie while being in a low point, that will not make you feel better.

I do get that life doesnt always have happy endings, and that moviemakers what to make realistic movies. But a happy ending can sometimes give us hope, that there is a possibility that things can get better.


3 Replies to “Happy endings or not?”

  1. Joss Whedon, of Avengers directing fame and Buffy the Vampire Slayer royalty/creator, once said “Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need.” He meant to give people reality, but when it comes to 90 minutes of entertainment, we need what we want, we’re all experiencing what we have.

  2. It really depends what kind of movie it is whether or not I’m satisfied with a happy ending. I mean, I love comedies, and they usually end happily, but I also like a good murder tale, and those generally end with the bad guy caught or killed, and their victim won’t come back to life. There’s also such a thing as a “brilliant downer”, where the story is done so magnificently it’s cathartic to be moved to tears at the end.

    I don’t care about the so-called realism of a film at all. I just want the movie to be good.

    1. I think, in some cases, we want justice. To see the killer to be caught. Even though the victim wount ressurect from the dead.
      If the movie is good I don’t mind having a sad ending. But i prefer a happy one.

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