Body image

It has been another hard decision about what to write about. I have so many ideas and trying to choose the one that matters to me the most at the moment. After thinking about it for two days, i have decided to write about body image and health.

As most females I am not too happy about the way i look. I wish i was more in shape and taller. Unfortunatelly i cant make myself grow but i can work for a fitter body. 

I know a lot of women, who start complaining about their weight when summer is getting closer. I bet all af you do. That got me thinking that i might be the same, but instead of whine about it, i have started working out. Another reason why i have started working out is wanting to be healthier. Making better decisions. 

When i was younger, i didnt care what others thought about me. But for some reason i have started to care a little. Hopefully it is just a fase. Because making others like me, woun’t make me happier. It will only cause stress. You can’t please everyone, if you try, you might end up crazy. 

For some reason the bodyimage issue has been on my mind for the past fiew weeks. Do not know why. Maybe it has something to do with the low point im having right now. Which is caused by the weather being so bad. When the sun is out I cant be feeling blue. Sun makes me happy. Hopefully the rain will stop soon.


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