Reading a book

I used to read a lot. But it has been i while since i last finished reading something.

Today I started again. Slightly because i had to. It wasn’t an obligation though.

I couldn’t find my earphones this morning. Usually, when i wait for a train after my work, i like to listen music and use my phone as a tool to surf the internet. You know, the usual facebook and instagram trip. Since i knew i wouldn’t be able to listen music today, i was starting to think of alternatives. Well, the solution came to me suprisingly fast, all i had to do was to step out of my room. I have a bookshelf right across my door.

I ended up taking a book named The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth published in 1971.

At first it was quite difficult to consentrate, but after five minutes i was back to my old shape. Since i read quite often, my pace is quite fast. I got to page 35 just before i had to get of my train.

I remembered why i love reading so much. Why it is so much better than the movies. First of all when a movie is based on a book, then the storyline is usually altered, They leave out some events or change them. Which is understandable because movie has to be short and it cant be to busy. Imagine if Harry Potter movies where exactly how the books were. All the same scenes. The movie would be 5 or 6 hours long, atleast. Or if they wanted to show everything what happened, there would be action after action after action. You would end up confused.

When you watch a movie, you see someone elses vision of that movie. You see what the film director wants you to see and how he sees something.

When you read a book, you can choose your own vision.

If i could, i would be a writer. But im not very good with words yet.


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