One of those perfect days.

For todays post, i was struggling to find a good topic. To find some motivation, i went trough my photos taken when i lived in UK. I game across these taken last spring. I decided to write about that day.

When i woke up, I didn’t have a good mood. It was just one of these mornings. I had to go to University for a morning lesson. Just to let you know, i am not a morning person and i mean at all. I made a cup of my favourite tea. Went back to bed.

I was so tired, because i was working the day before. So i decided not to go to school. I was going to take a chill day. Day full of resting.

While drinking my tea I was watching something from my computer. My friend called me. She wanted to hang out. The weather was so nice, sun was up. While thinking about where to meet, I remembered that there was a playground near my house. That ended up being the place where we hung.

I think we were there for hours before we headed to our other friends work. We wanted to see how long she will be working. But because she had to be there for few more hours, we sat near the canal. The sun was shining so bright.

When i got back to my flat i was so filled with energy, that i finished my assignment and i was happy.

That’s what friends and sunshine do to you.

Do end of this post ill add a photo from that day. I love it so much.



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