Spring, what I love about it.

Because the spring is arrived, kinda, (it was snowing here today) I wanted to do a post about why i love spring. And because pictures speak more than words, i will show you all some of my favourite spring pictures i have taken. 

Usually in april the forest is filled with these lovely, small, blue flowers. Everywhere you look you can see loads of them.



On the next picture, there are the same flowers than on the first one. But there are two reasons why i love this picture. First is that there is a pink flower on it. I have never seen a pink one before. And the second is that it sums up the spring. You can see dried leaves all over the place, but between all this death, there are new things growing. And this is the main reason why i love spring. Everything gets colorful.




These next ones are taken in my garden. Which means that soon my mothers planted flowers will star blossoming soon. Soon the tulips should start to bloom. 



I love spring because everything gomes to life and everything gets colorful, as i said before. I can’t forget the sun, which is shining so bright and gets more and more powerful with every day. This means warmer days, and well hopefully happier people, who are getting their vitamin D.

I read an article about the reasons why sun is good for you. I’ll add a link of that article in here so all who are interested can read it too. 


I will end this post with a picture of my favourite thing in life.



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