Dream I had last night.

I had the weirdest dream today. 

I found a diary from the 1950’s, it was handwriten by a scientist. So i started reading this. The guy wrote about how he invented something, but he had to hide it. 

Next thing I remember was how I was working with this guy, who was that scientists relative. One day he told me that his grandfather was a scientist, who had a lab. No one knew where that lab was. I dont know why, but i showed him the diary i found. Obviously it belonged to this guys grandfather.

So we started looking for that lab. To find out what this scientist was talking about. What was this thing he invented.

Somehow we found it. When we went in, we didnt see anything. There were motion sensors all over the place. And other protective gear you can think of. There was a facial recognition thing, which identified the guy as relative of the scientist. (couldn’t expect that, right)

So basically we found a room, which was filled with stereos. When we got to the end of the room, there was this big thing. Technological thing. We started examining the thing. We found out that the guys grandfather was in there. Dont know how, but we opened it and his grandfather woke up. They started catching up. 

One point we heard something. Somebody had followed us. 

It ended up with the guy having his legs cut off. Obviously the scientist knew how to grow back his legs. So everything ended up okey.


When i woke up, first thing that i thought about was wtf was that. I mean what was i thinking about before falling asleep. What made me having such a weird dream. It made me wonder, what makes us dream about the things we do.

Is it our subconsciousness trying to say something? Some say that if you see someone in your dream, that person was thinking about you.

Only thing i know about dreams, is that you can only see the faces you have seen in real life. 



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