Trying out something new.

I have done lots of pencil drawings, so fiew months ago i decided to try something else. Something colorful. So i ended up buying some cheap oilcolors and started painting.

This is one of my first pictures i did. So far, i think, it has been my best oilpainting. I have done 10 pictures i think. Will start on the 11th today. I have some ideas. And hopefully it will work out.


I usually have done black and white pictures. For some reason i feel more comfortable with only black pencil.

Sometimes when i have to decide on whether to make a picture colorful or not, and i decide to add colors, i end up disliking my picture. I am not used to colors and i am trying to change that.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.


2 Replies to “Trying out something new.”

  1. So nice to meet you. It’s fun to see other artists as they emerge out of their shell. I am returning to art after years of only “messing around.”
    At one point my work (though primative) was going into magazines and people were buying my work.
    I am actually enjoying a combination of photography and drawing at the moment.
    If you are delighting with paint try acrylic it’s a little less fussy than oil another way to express with color – enjoy

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