night vision


I’m a night person. That is the time when i have the most ideas and well, function better.

I love the night. The stars, the moon. I find it misterious and makes me feel like anything can happen.

Sometimes it may scare me though. You can never know what hides in the darkness. Especially in the forest. Which can be the scaryest place ever. I have had to walk trough a forest at a night time. It is amazing. With the moonlight shining trough the trees and occasional glimpse of stars. 

But when i hear the breaking of branches, i freak out sometimes. 

One early morning when i headed to the train station, when the sun hadn’t gome up yet, i heard a noise. I stoped. When standing still, i heard it again. As soon as i started walking again 3 goats walked passed me. They where just inches away from me. I was so scared, because i didnt expect it at all. I always thought they avoided people.

But doesnt matter if the night is frightening or not, it is still very misterious. And i will always feel drawn to it.


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