I wanted ta start my blog with a post about the future. In 28 days i will hand in my portfolio, essay and CV in order to apply to this school. It is making me quite nervous. It is something that i really want. I had the idea almost a month ago and because it was so late i dont have much time to put my portfolio together. I will to my best and hopefully it will be enough.

Another news is that i will be able to start selling my art (if you can call it that). My sister got a job at this cafe and asked this girl running it, if it would be okey to bring some paintings there. She said yes and that we could even to an exhibition where we sell them at the same time. Talk about motivation booster. Fingers grossed. I will have a day off today and tomorrow ill start on a new piece. I might upload my paintings in here, with some explination or something like that.


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