Finally, some new ink.

I have been thinking about getting a new tattoo for a while now. Mostly because I have started tattooing other people myself. Still a beginner though. Anyway, I haven’t been able to decide what style to go or which tattoo artist should I go to.

You may have already noticed that I draw myself. I did this piece a while back, and straight away I knew I wanted to have this as a tattoo.IMG_1614

I just decided to write to this tattoo salon and since there are several tattoo artists working there, I left that up to fate, basically. Neo traditional it was.

The tattoo artist put her spin on the design and I am so happy with it. And beginning of December I will go again and finish it.

To be honest, I will probably have my entire sleeve done in neo traditional. Have already kind of figured out the other pieces. So you can imagine how excited I am to get the sleeve.


10 km

I ran 10 km 3 times this year. With every run, I improved my time.

First run was in August. It was a quite an adventure. First 5 km was fine, it was quite easy to run. Air was chill and since it was quite late, the sun didn’t burn. But then, it started raining and I don’t mean like slight drops. I mean it was a heavy rain and as if this wasn’t enough, thunder and lightning. What made it worse for me, was the fact I was wearing glasses, so it made it extra hard to see. But I finished with 1 h 20 min. Which for a first time is quite decent.


Second was in September, but in this case I had 2 runs in 2 days. On Friday was 5 km and on Saturday 10 km. These were quite simple and easy. And there was no thunder or lightning. We did get some rain, but it wasn’t anything next to our August 10 km run.

My time was 1h 12 minutes.

Final run was in October, the last run of the season. I was quite surprised that I reached my goal and run faster than 1 h and 10 min. My time was 1 h and 9 min. It was quite difficult at some parts, but I did manage to finish it, and I didn’t stop.

From all these runs, the last one was where I was running by myself and just listened music and focused on myself. Previously I ran with my dad, which kind of made it go by faster.

I now have given myself some goals for nest year, biggest, for me, is to run under 1 hour. Also, hopefully, I manage to do a run outside of Estonia. It would be interesting.


Social anxiety

It has been a while since I last wrote anything in here. Work has been exhausting and I just haven’t had the energy to write anything.

I have a week off from work and as I do not want to see my workplace during that week, I thought it might be a good idea to look for other gyms around my area. As at the moment I workout in the same building I work. So I made a plan to go to this gym and my gym partner even said she would consider going to the other gym with me.

This morning I woke up and felt ready to go. Long story short, my gym partner didn’t feel like going to the gym. So I thought okay, I will go alone. When I got in front of the building I felt nervous and anxious. I have no idea why. Felt like I was about to do some kind of a test or something. And,..guess what,..I didn’t go in.

I have no idea why this keeps happening. I go to a new gym alone and I am afraid to do anything else beside cardio. Funny part is that I have been working out quite a lot and feel stronger than ever. So, why do I get so uncomfortable anytime I have to go to somewhere else.


A while back I went to this meetup. These local youtubers who I follow had this event. Since I didn’t find anyone to go with, I decided to go alone. I felt so uncomfortable and awkward. Everyone knew everybody and I felt like I was crashing someones private gym party.

I know the only way I can get over this is I must but myself in these situations. At the beginning I may feel out of place, but I know the more I go, the better it gets. So, I have given myself a task, this week I have to go to this gym, I did not go today.

Has been a while.

It has been a while since I last posted. I was quite busy with work and low on energy. Now with my 2 week vacation I have a bit more time to write.

I work behind a computer all day, so when I get home I do not feel like using my laptop after that for something that requires thinking.

I have added some snaps from what I’ve been up to. Mostly work and gym.


Beetle Monday


A friend of mine started her accessories line and I really loved this blue beetle with this black leather. I just had do buy it and to be honest it is so far my favorite bracelet. This actually gave me inspiration to draw a beetle as well. So I had to take a picture of both of them.

Other news, I feel so good at the moment as I had a killer workout today and I feel quite strong. I feel my muscles and I can see my muscles.

I am slowly trying to get mentally ready for Saturday as I have a 7,7 km run coming up. So this week I am trying to keep my heaviest workouts at the beginning of this week and end this week with some lighter more cardio concentrated workout. Still some weights.

I am also trying to get enough sleep and make sure I do not get sick again. Hopefully this run will go much better than the one in May.



Last Monday the football (or soccer) season started. In September we have a tournament, some may remember my post about 2016 cup, it is the same Chef’s Cup. Last year I managed to go to practice only once or twice before the big event. This year I started training earlier.

I have been in the gym usually up to 5 times a week, sometimes more. I also have signed up to different races before, so I have to train my endurance. As cardio is so not my thing.

I already have my first bigger bruises from football.

My tattooing is also going well, if You follow me on Instagram You may have seen my latest tattoos from last Friday. I am so hoping I get to tattoo more during my  2 weeks off from work, in the beginning of August. It really seems like something I could do as a full time job.


Weekend vibe

My weekend went by quite quietly. I was at my parents house, played with my dogs and cats and didn’t do anything. Just rested and slept a lot. As I have had such insane weeks at work. Really needed this short holiday.

Did worked out on Saturday and Sunday, but it wasn’t this heavy workout I maybe normally would do.

Have quite few tattoo designs and caricature to do this week, so I am hoping to get on track with them. So it will be work and art filled week. But I am not complaining, I love tattooing and I cannot wait to get better so I can do these amazing pieces I see all over the internet.

Took some photos from this weekend as well.




Unlike last Saturday, this one went by quietly. I started of with sleeping in, was in bed until like 3 PM and then went to the gym. This time I went to another gym, closer to my house. It was bigger than my usual gym and had more room.

I loved how I got to do my workout without having to wait after someone. I usually workout at work, same building and that gym is quite small. It is good when one can be alone or max 2 other people. But usually by the time I get there it is quite busy.

I am thinking about getting a membership to a bigger gym, but at the moment I know that I may not workout as much as I do now.

At the moment all I have to do is go to is use the elevator and go up some floors. It takes just few minutes. If I go to somewhere else, I have to ad around 15 – 20 minutes to get there and the same to get back. I wish I had a car, it would make things so much easier.

Now I’m again laying in bed, as it is already Sunday, thinking about what I will do today. Biggest question is will I work out or not.

Blue hair


So I may have accidentally colored my hair blue. I thought I bought a conditioner which gives this silver tone to my hair but it actually made them look really blue. At least now I know that if I feel like I want some crazy hair I can use it again.

It does wash out in like 6 – 8 washes. Believe me, it looked better on photos than in real life.


It has been a while since I had a normal run outdoors. I usually for some reason run on a treadmill and every now and then participate in a running event with thousands of people.

This time me and my friend just went out and ran. We are both slightly out of shape when it comes to running. We are more strength and in my case, weights.

In August I have this 10 km run and I really want to get better by this time. Also I want to set some other goals for the fall, like I want to be able to to pull-ups and proper push-up.