Still lazy


I am still lazy when it comes to writing this blog. Do not know why, I really like it. Anyway I am trying to workout quite often, eat healthy and so on. Mostly things will go as planned. Not today, as I felt like eating some junk. Kinda have to some days.

Did my workout and now in bed behind a screen again. Not like I haven’t done that enough today (I work in the office answering emails). My eyes will hate me soon.

Anyway it does kind of feel like spring and next week I have a short holiday kind of, 10 days off. I really need a some rest time, just to get everything up to date. Blogging, photography, art. Feel like I haven’t had the time or the energy to do these things lately. Even tho they are the best.

I will try to work on this piece some more now….IMG_0439



With another sunday, I can conclude my week. It was awesome. I did kind of worked out 5 times this week. At the beginning I just worked out, did some running, the usual. Yesterday tho I tried something new and my muscles are SO sore today. I tried pole dancing.

And it made me realise that I have no strength in my upper body. Because You need to manage to hold Yourself up with just your hands and all that. It was fun. Now I can kind of check out something else from my bucket list of sorts. Next thing is the kickboxing thing.

Today me and my friend went to swimming and sauna. So over all it was one perfect sunday.

International Women’s day

I have decided to get my eating under control. I got this app, where you can write down what and how much You eat and it shows the calories. It will also show the total amount and how much You can still consume.

I got the idea from my co-worker. She got it and told me about how it works. Got it for myself yesterday, and I took one day to see how much I have consumed so far, without any restrictions. I ate how I normally have been eating. The results were kind of surprising. Did not think it was that much.

Since I workout a lot, I do not want to eat back all the calories. I want to get lean. So I will give it a go. Keeping an eye on everything.


Discovered this new sports drink. it was developed by Vitamin well and Ibrahimovic. It has BCAA and Glutamine in it. I like it.

Today was a good day ( wish I could ad a video at the end of this post put I can’t)


I had one really interesting sunday. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos (did post on snapchat, but didn’t save them). But it started with a brunch with my friend. It was soooooo good. Estonian food, all you can eat basically. So you know I ate a lot. Those pancakes. I could eat them all day every day.


We chilled around two hours before heading to the gym. Now I’m home and maybe will to some body weight exercises before dinner. I realized that I worked out 5 times this week. My eating wasn’t as good as one would hope, but it was okay.

I got this app that is really good if I sometimes do not feel like working out at the gym. It has these body weight exercises. Today I’m feeling some muscles I haven’t felt in ages. I realized I should add more of these to my usual routine. Like I am too weak to even to a proper push up. And one of my goals is to do a pull up. I have a long way to go.

My goals for next week is to also work out 5 times, try to eat healthy and make that bloody phone call already. ( the tattoo one). How oblivious can someone be? Like one of my dreams literally is in my hands and I can’t remember to even pick up my phone.




My gym buddy is back from her travels, so we went to the gym. Since the gym is in the same building where we work, we just decided to meet there. She was there before me. When I turned up, we noticed that we had the same top, but I had black and she had white. We had to take a photo.

Yesterday was arm day and I used heavier weights than I did last week. Today I can feel that pain. Do not know why, but I like that. Tomorrow is leg day, hopefully it will go as well as yesterday was. Today was rest day. But I had so much work to do, so I was home almost the same time I was yesterday.

On the other note, I think I have figured out what I want for my next tattoo. Need to sketch it out and then find someone in Estonia who does that style. I am so ready for a new tattoo. Even tho I still haven’t made the call regarding the tattoo training thing. With that speed, I will probably do my first tattoo on a person when I’m 50.




I have increased my cardio part of my training. And so far it is going well. It’s not really at that point where I feel like I could do the 7 km run I signed up. But it is in 2,5 months, so if I manage to keep my cardio up I should be fine.

At the moment I am trying to run 30 minutes straight, each time. I usually manage to run 3-4 km with that, depends on the day.

In april I want to increase to 5 km per time. Hopefully I manage to run 7k in may.