Unlike last Saturday, this one went by quietly. I started of with sleeping in, was in bed until like 3 PM and then went to the gym. This time I went to another gym, closer to my house. It was bigger than my usual gym and had more room. I loved how I got to … More Saturday

Blue hair

So I may have accidentally colored my hair blue. I thought I bought a conditioner which gives this silver tone to my hair but it actually made them look really blue. At least now I know that if I feel like I want some crazy hair I can use it again. It does wash out … More Blue hair

Birthday week

I had a birthday on Monday and had one really awesome day. Got a new haircut. I have been thinking about getting shorter hair for a while now. So it was my present for myself. Shorter and lighter hair. And it is so much easier now, having long hair is awesome but exhausting, sometimes. Checked … More Birthday week

7 km

Today I started a new running season with 7 km run. Next is probably 10 km Rakvere Night Run in august, Nike 5 km run in September and 10 km Fall run. Not sure if I will attend any runs in June and July, we will see. But today was okay. Weather was nice and … More 7 km

Tea overdose

I have not worked out for a week. Mostly because I was sick. I am feeling  a lot better and hopefully manage to finally workout tomorrow. Also I have been drinking SO much tea. I feel like I cant anymore, but I still do, just in case. I already feel the affects of not working … More Tea overdose