7 km

Today I started a new running season with 7 km run. Next is probably 10 km Rakvere Night Run in august, Nike 5 km run in September and 10 km Fall run. Not sure if I will attend any runs in June and July, we will see. But today was okay. Weather was nice and … More 7 km

Tea overdose

I have not worked out for a week. Mostly because I was sick. I am feeling  a lot better and hopefully manage to finally workout tomorrow. Also I have been drinking SO much tea. I feel like I cant anymore, but I still do, just in case. I already feel the affects of not working … More Tea overdose


I have somehow managed to get sick. Yesterday I felt quite bad and I skipped my workout. Today I really wanted to go, so I did. I now I should sleep and all, but me and some of my workout buddies have this challenge where in May we can only have 4 days without workout. … More 10.05.2017


So, I made another video of my workout buddy Cetlyn. I do not know why I make these. I am just a little bored at home after work and when I should maybe go to bed I make something stupid. Boredom right.. Anyway if You want to watch it, click the name. If You don’t … More Youtube


On a friday I managed to get myself out of bed 7 in the morning to workout. Last time I did it, I went to the gym without eating anything, as I was just so tired I forgot. This time I had protein shake. This really got me going. After my friday workout I went … More Workouts


So I got bored and I had these unused clips from this video project I did few months ago. I put together this video of my gym buddy, Cetlyn. I got this program to video making, so I had to use it. Anyway, me and boredom may lead to some weird things online. But basically this … More GYM

A little fox

My next tattoo, I tattooed on myself. The lines are already so much better. This is my forth tattoo ever. To be honest, I mostly want to practice tattooing now. Like I want to get my lines perfect and then start practicing shading and coloring. At the moment I have only black ink. Luckily I … More A little fox